"Your mind will take the shape of what you frequently hold in thought, for the human spirit is colored by such impressions." ~ Marcus Aurelius

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Dark Tulsi Mala

  • 108 bead Tulsi mala necklace hand knotted with white cotton, large Rudraksha guru bead and a red cotton tassel. The Tulsi beads are stained a deep, rich brown by simmering in pure Brajbhumi cow's milk ghee, imparting a distinct fragrance and matte finish. The beads will become smoother and glossier with use. A very large, special mala. From the forests of Vrindavan
  • Tulsi is thought to be the most sacred of woods in India and Indian worship, and the plant of Tulsi is believed to be the incarnation of the Divine itself.

    The Tulsi mala is made of the woody herbaceous Tulsi plant (also called Holy Basil) and is used for chanting and worship. Moreover, the Tulsi mala is said to have incredible spiritual and physical healing powers apart from helping the mind to focus during prayers. One starts counting the beads from the bead adjacent to the guru bead of the Tulsi mala and completes one full round. On second round the Tulsi mala needs to be counted in the reverse direction again as the guru bead should not be crossed while praying.

    The benefits of the Tulsi leaves are well proven, and owing to its spiritual and physical healing powers, the touch of the Tulsi wood acts as a rejuvenator for the stressed mind and brings the spiritual self of a person closer to God. Wearing a Tulsi mala is supposed to bring good luck and fortune to the devoted wearer. It is also said to balance the kapha and the vata dosha, and clears the aura. The Tulsi mala is used to worship Lord Ram and Krishna, different incarnations of Lord Vishnu, who is believed to be the creator and the beloved of the Tulsi.

    1. 108 large, ghee stained Tulsi beads
    2. 16±1.0mm - 14±1.0 graduating beads
    3. 80 inches (203cm) total length
    4. 21mm 5-mukhi Rudraksha guru bead
    5. 4 inch red cotton tassel
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