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Havan Samagri, Herbal Mixture for Fire Arti (500g)

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Havan Samagri is a mixture of various dried herbs, roots and leaves offered in a blazing sacrificial fire ceremony (Aarti). The dried herbs quickly catch fire and disseminate in micro form into the air to purify the environment and everyone around the fire.

Through these oblations, worshippers remind themselves that nothing belongs to them and their offerings of samagri containing aromatic, anti-pollutant, disinfectant nourishing and nutritive fruits after burning in microform should help all the living beings irrespective of class, specie, caste or size.

Hawan Samagri is made up of four types of ingredients, each type to promote a certain action: antibacterial, fragrance, medicinal and promotion of health.

Within the four major types of ingredients, there are typical 51 separate ingredients, includingrose petals, sandalwood powder, lobaan, ghee, chandan,Nagkesar,Tagar, Agar, wala, Red Sandal powder, Nagarmotha, Lotus seeds,Jata masi, Batriso Dhoop, Kapoor Kachri, Satavari, and Tumeric, to name just a few.